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Guidelines on accessibility are constantly changing and new guidelines are added. It is a good idea to have your courses audited at least once every 6-12 months.

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Need to optimize your course to ensure it is accessible to people with disabilities?
We can assist with ALL your course optimization needs. 

why you should audit your online courses

Are you committed to providing an exceptional online learning experience that caters to diverse learners? Our online course audit service offers the perfect solution for your educational offerings.

Our primary focus during the audit is on educational excellence and accessibility. Ensuring that your online courses adhere to the highest standards of inclusivity and learning effectiveness is our top priority. By aligning your courses with established accessibility guidelines, we not only broaden your potential audience but also showcase your dedication to equitable education. Through the identification and resolution of potential barriers, such as unclear instructions, limited multimedia captions, or navigation challenges, we guarantee that all learners can navigate and comprehend your course content seamlessly.

However, our audit goes beyond accessibility. We delve into course structure and design elements to enhance the overall learning journey. A well-structured and intuitive course layout empowers students to navigate through lessons effortlessly, fostering deeper engagement and improved retention.

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Time to Optimize your Online Courses

At Website Fae we’re dedicated to enhancing your online courses for optimal performance and impact. Our comprehensive course optimization service covers every facet of your educational content, ensuring that your courses deliver an exceptional learning experience to every student.

At Website Fae, we prioritize user-centric design principles to create courses that are not only easy to navigate but also engaging and immersive. By crafting a seamless and intuitive interface, we keep learners focused and captivated, fostering improved comprehension and satisfaction.

With Website Fae’s expertise, your courses will embrace inclusivity. We meticulously review and fine-tune your materials to adhere to accessibility standards, guaranteeing that every student, regardless of abilities, can access and benefit from your content. Our course optimization process extends to your course materials, ensuring documents, presentations, and resources are efficiently structured for digital consumption. Additionally, Website Fae enhances images and visuals, striking the perfect balance between quality and quick loading times for an engaging and informative learning environment.


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Our pricing varies depending on the specific service. For detailed pricing information, please visit the corresponding pages on our website or send us a message through the form above.

Certainly! Our portfolio showcases past projects; you can explore them in our Portfolio section.

It depends on the type of service you require. We do offer Website Management to our website clients.

For the Course Setup we can discuss ongoing support relevant to your needs.

For Digital Documents we do not have anything setup as this is generally a one time service. However, we are here to assist you should you need to make changes in the future. 

While our primary focus is on design, development and accessibility, we can offer guidance and recommendations to improve your content.

We can also refer you to trusted content creators if you require complete content creation services.

This all depends on the LMS that you use and the type of plugin required. We have successfully added a number of functionalities as requested by our past client. We do however ask that you reach out to us with more information on your request to evaluate the possibilities. 

Generally, a course audit takes approximately seven days to complete after we have received all the necessary information. This is however dependant on the size of the course. 

We do provide you with a more realistic timeframe once we have had a chance to review a broad overview of the course.

This is a very open-ended question as the size of the course does play a significant roll. Once a clear scope of the work required has been negotiated a timeline can be provided.

We can customize the audit to focus on specific pages based on your needs. Please let us know the priority pages during the audit process, or contact us for a personalized quotation.

We do offer maintenance to clients we have worked with in the past. Generally, we do not take on new clients for course maintenance, but we are open to negotiation. Feel free to reach out to us to see if we have availability. 

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