your website should be as unique as you

Stand out from the crowd

with a custom website design

What's a Custom Website?

It is a premium website that is created entirely from scratch. A Custom Website is far more functionally advanced than a website template due to its superior quality and sophistication. A Custom Website is crafted with passion from scratch, making it unique to YOU. 

With a Custom Website you will simplify your brand’s sales process and turn visitors into paying consumers.

What's included in a Custom Website

What's the cost of a Custom Website?

Each premium website costs only $1’000 and an E-commerce store the cost is $2’000.

Do you have questions?


* Up to 10 website pages (additional pages can be purchased for only $97)
* A premium custom design
* 15 day turn around time
* Blogging functionality
* Basic SEO setup Basic security setup
* Email newsletter integration
* Social media integration
* Professional email setup
* Google business listing

We offer additional services and these come at an additional charge.
* You will need to purchase your domain name and hosting. This is not included.
* If you don't use all 10 pages, we can integrate an E-Commerce platform to fill the pages. Please note that E-commerce requires a minimum of 5 pages and includes a product template. This does not include the loading of products which is charged as separate pages.
* Website management after the 3 months can be purchased if you don't want to manage it yourself.

All our websites are designed and built on WordPress and we use Elementor as a page builder.Our research has shown that WordPress is the best platform as it offers versatility and allows for scalibitilty.Elementor is used because we want to put the power in your hands should you wish to make your own changes. Elementor is an easy to use drag-and-drop website builder.

We do offer installments, but prefer to have the full payment made upfront as this will ensure we can schedule time to work on your website.Should you prefer to pay in installments, reach out to us via [email protected] and we can work on a payment plan for you.Please note that payment plans do delay the build of your website.

Unfortunatly we don't provide content for your website. You know your business/brand best and it makes sense that the content comes from you. >br>We do have a copywriter and graphics designer on our team who would be happy to assist you with content at an additional charge.

Once you submit your content for your website, we will work on the design elements and build your site.
This takes 15 business days.
On completion we will have an offboarding call where I will explain the process to you with steps on how to maintain your site. I will also offer you a maintenance plan should you be interested.

Our Website Management services is a maintenance service that we offer to our clients to keep their website updated, fresh and relevant to changing industries.
We charge a fee of US$1000 or ZAR10000 (billed annually), to management your website.
Included in this service you will get:
* Changing of your logo
* Text alterations
* Updating images
* Embedding of video/audio files
* Adding awards
* Adding testimonials
* Plugins/code updates
* Updates to FAQs
* Updating your T's & C's
* Fix broken links
* Adding 1 blog post a month that you send to us
* Providing tutorials on anything you get stuck with
* Website security and backup
* Add or update 5 E-commerce products a month
* Reviewing of comments
* Blocking spam

Each Website Management client is allocated a day of the month. All relevant changes needs to reach us at least 3 days prior.
N.B: Altering the structure of the website, additional pages, and additional functionality will be charged separately.

Website Management services range from $800 to $2000 per annum. It is a great investment to ensure you have peace of mind.

From the time we receive your content (text, images, video/audio files etc.), it takes us only 15 business days. Yes 3 weeks to have a beautifully custom designed website for your business.

don’t just take my word for it

See what others have to say

As a new business owner I knew I needed a website to showcase my artwork and services. 

After my first consultation with Chantelle, we had a clear idea of what it is we will be creating. Not only did I get a beautiful website, but she also helped me with the following:

* writing of all the copy on the website,

* a mini photoshoot (and photo editing) to showcase some of my past artwork

* helped design and create the free colouring book that I am offering to my subscribers,

* obtaining a payment gateway account so I can sell my artwork and services online,

* a newsletter platform to deliver my free colouring book and keep in touch with my subscribers via email

* integration of a store on my website to showcase my artwork

* setup of the branded business email address

* and so much more. 

All my request were met with a smile and everything was done quickly and efficiently. 

I am a really happy customer


Carina Turck-Clark

Thou Art Useful

“My website needed to be reorganized and rebranded.


I had a chat with Chantelle explaining to her my desire to have an organized and clear website that included access to helpful resources and was true to my business values. She understood my vision right away and created the perfect website for my new brand and needs.


I couldn’t be more satisfied with the result. Moreover, she made working with her an effortless experience.


Thank you, Chantelle! “


Beatrice Paesano

VirtualRise Solutions

As a recurring customer to Website Fae we have had numerous websites built by Chantelle. The latest in our business ventures is Prop Check and we are extremely pleased with the service that Chantelle continues to offer. 

Chantelle was able to secure the domain as well as hosting for a very reasonable price. She also assisted in brand development and ultimately finalised our website with all the required copy and images without much direction from our side. 

We are really impressed with Chantelle as we only provided a brief explanation of what we need and she came back with all the necessary assets. 

Well done Chantelle and we look forward to working with you again in future.


Melanie Barnard

Prop Check

As a business partner of Chantelle in another business, she was my obvious choice when we had to redesign the website for Aloe Virtual. 

Chantelle always comes up with the most amazing ideas and really does have an eye for design. 

Our website was redesigned and all the assets were ready to go within a few days of discuss the changes required. 

I can highly recommend her services and not because I am bias, but because she is fabulous at what she does.


Natalie Cook

Aloe Virtual

As one of my newest ventures, I had to include this design here. 

This was specifically designed for my administration services to intuitive and spiritual business owners. 


Chantelle Venter

Admin Fae

My website was looking very dull and not at all like me. Chantelle jumped in and created a beautiful design that represented me, my brand and what I stand for.


The layout and elements used by Chantelle were exactly what I needed to feel confident with my website and to promote it more.


Thais Angelica

Angelica Services

Our website needed a major update after no maintenance was done on it for a number of years.


Chantelle took on the project and redesigned the website within a few days. Our brief required her to keep as much as possible from the original design elements, but give it a fresh look.


She did exactly that. We are very pleased with the result


Henk Venter

Denith Engineering

Our website was a basic 1 page that only contained our contact information for many years. With COVID we realised that this was no longer a viable option and reached out to Chantelle to design a site that will be cohesive with our brand. 

Chantelle jumped into action and created a functional yet beautiful site within days. 

She was able to connect our Google account with the site as well as create social media pages that was urgently needed. 

Her attention to detail and quick turn around times made working with her a pleasure. 

We can highly recommend her services to anyone needing a website or any technical support for that matter.


Basie Barnard

Basco Trading

This is the very first website I ever built. It is specifically created for my couching business and I love everything about it. 

Unfortunately it is built on a course platform and the customization is a bit minimalistic. 

However this is still a great layout to share here.


Chantelle Venter