Basic SEO Tips That All New Entrepreneurs Should Utilize

Basic SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is the process of improving your web content so that search engines like Google and Bing can index them easier. This includes the use of important keywords that people may commonly search for. Did you know that there is a host of simple things you can do to boost your SEO, without paying for a web designer or SEO expert? We list five Basic SEO Tips below.

1. Research keywords that are easy to rank for

Before implementing any SEO tips, you must first choose keywords that you wish to rank for. Keywords are words or phrases that you would expect customers to search for on search engines like Google.

You can use a range of tools like Google Keyword Planner to find different keywords. Ideally, you should have a mix of short-tail keywords, combined with long-tail keywords that have less competition and are easier to rank for.

2. Add Alt tags for each image on your website

Images such as a logo and headers play an important SEO role. You can find some great free tools to create these images too like LogoCreator. All images on a web page have an optional Alt tag. This is meant to be an alternative description of the image for screen readers.

It can also be used to strategically add keywords. Make sure every image has an alt tag that first describes the image. Also, where appropriate, add your primary keyword to the alt tag.

3. Add META title and descriptions tags for each web page

The META title and description tags are highly important SEO features. Every web page should have a META title and description that contains your primary keyword. The keyword should be placed at the start of the text, and the tags should comply with the min/maximum suggested length. For example, generally, the META description tag should be no longer than 165 characters.

4. Include the primary keyword in the right places

Once you have researched a series of keywords, you must utilize them in your web content. For each web page, you should aim to rank for one primary keyword, and potentially a secondary keyword.

To do this, you must use the primary keyword in the written content. Firstly, it should be used in the H1 title and the first paragraph of the web page text. Also, it should be used in the last paragraph, and several times evenly throughout the text.

5. Make sure written content has a high readability score

Lastly, did you know that the readability of written content also affects SEO rankings? Tools like YOAST SEO can help with readability and point out areas where your text needs improving. However, there are some basic things to consider.

You should avoid using passive tense too much. Also, sentences should be shorter than 20 words. Paragraphs should also be split evenly, and there should ideally be no section of content longer than 300 words. Lastly, always double-check spelling and grammar!

Utilize these SEO tips to boost your rankings and visibility on Google!
Anyone can utilize these basic SEO tips for their web content. There is no guarantee that this will immediately boost your website to the top pages of Google Searches. However, it should make a big difference. It will provide an excellent basis on which to build. It will also mean that your website has a great level of basic SEO and optimization. If you want to push your online content, why not try implementing these tips today and reap the rewards?

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