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I am chantelle and my number one goal is to help you stand out online

To achieve this, it is important that I understand your business inside out. When partnering with Website Fae I will do everything in my power to offer you a professional, yet fun experience. 

Welcome to the

Website Fae

At school, I failed my computer class and as this was the first time I EVER failed a subject, I dropped it. I was scared of failure and disappointing my parents. 

Now 2 decades later I can not get enough of technology. I taught myself how to build websites, write code and do design work.

I built my first website in 2020. After breaking it multiple times, figuring out how to fix it, and then redoing it, I found that it gave me a sense of purpose. Since then I have built numerous websites, some from scratch and some that just needed minor changes (under a different business name). 

As of May 2022, Website Fae was officially launched. Now focusing on magical and mystical businesses.

But don’t despair, even if you are not in the Fairy Realm, I can still assist.

With an eye for detail, a mind filled with creativity, and a passion for building converting websites, you are definitely in the right hands when partnering with me.

Coffee Addict
Food Lover
Boy Mom
Avid Traveler
Work From Home
Magical Believer