Course Accessibility Optimization

Get your online course optimized for accessibility

Your course is ready to shine ...

Yet it feels like something is missing! The 2 Day VIP Course Optimization is exactly what you need. 

Not only will we look at your course and provide feedback on thing that could be made easier/better. We will implement these changes to ensure your course is 100% ready to inspire the world.

Important note

Our course optimization services can not take place if we have not done the audit. When purchasing the audit and optimization service together you do receive a lower rate.

What is a course accessibility optimization?

On the first day we audit your course and build a plan to get the work done. On your second day, we implement all the changes that you have agreed to.

Things you can expect to change 

  • Adding transcripts,
  • Adding closed captions,
  • Ensuring your content is readable with text-to-speech,
  • Fixing color contracts,
  • Adding Alt text,
  • and so much more

Here’s how we make it happen:

Step 1

Book your first VIP Day

Step 2

Add us to your course

Step 3

We do the audit and work out a strategy

Step 4

Meet for a strategy session

Step 5

Book your second VIP Day

Step 6

Client does prescribed homework

Step 7

We implement all the changes requird

Step 8

Meet for a follow up strategy session

Now booking clients for Q1 & Q2

Spaces are limited. I only take 1 client per week.

3 Day VIP Serivice




Most frequently asked questions and answers

Over a period of 2 days we will audit and implement changes to your Course. The changes will first be discussed with you after the audit and before we start with implementation.

The Course Optimization process typically involves a review of your course content, materials, delivery methods and accessibility. We then have a strategy meeting to discuss our findings. Once both parties are satisfied, we will make the relevant changes to your course.

The Course Optimization typically takes two full day to complete. Day two will take place 1 week after the day one audit.

Yes, you will receive a detailed report after the first day (audit step). We will then discuss our finding in a strategy session before implementing the changes. Whatever is not finished in the second day can be rescheduled at a reduced fee or implemented yourself.

The cost of the Course Optimization is $1’997 for 16 hours. This is broken up in 2 days of 8 hour with 2 additional 30 minute strategy sessions. Only if we do not finish the optimization on day 2 will you be offered the opportunity to purchase a half day to complete the work. 

There is not 1 course that takes the same amount of time. We will time the amount of time it takes to audit your course. If it takes less than 8 hours, the remaining hours can be used for the optimization. If the course is very large and requires more than 8 hour we will stop at the designated 8 hour and consult with you on a way forward,

Any hours left over at the end of day 2 can be converted to Fairy Credits for future use.

Yes, the confidentiality of your course content is paramount, and the auditor will maintain the strictest confidentiality during the Course Optimization . Your content will not be copied, printed or redistributed at any stage.

Yes, you can contact the auditor for further assistance or clarification after the Course Optimization is completed. The auditor is available to answer any questions you may have and to provide 30 day post audit support and guidance to help you improve your course.