VIP Day Course Accessibility Audit

Get your online course audited for accessibility

Your course is ready to shine ...

Yet it feels like something is missing! The VIP Day Course Audit is exactly what you need. 

Not only will we look at your course and provide feedback on thing that could be made easier/better. We will also make suggestions to ensure your course is accessible to people with disabilities. 

What is a course accessibility audit?

To ensure your course is accessible, we look at a few things:

  • Transcripts,
  • Closed captions,
  • Using text-to-speech,
  • Color contracts,
  • Alt text,
  • and so much more

Here’s how we make it happen:

Step 1

Book your VIP Day

Step 2

Add us to your course

Step 3

We do the audit and provide you with action steps

Step 4

Meet for a strategy session

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8-Hour VIP Day




Most frequently asked questions and answers

A VIP Day Course Audit is a comprehensive review of your course by an expert to identify areas for improvement, optimization, and growth. It can benefit you by providing a fresh perspective on your course, highlighting areas of weakness, and providing recommendations to improve the overall quality, effectiveness, and accessibility of your course.
The VIP Day Course Audit process typically involves a review of your course content, materials, delivery methods and accessibility. It may also include an evaluation of your course structure, pricing, and marketing strategies. The process usually starts with a consultation (Free discovery call) to discuss your needs and goals, followed by a review of your course materials and a detailed report with recommendations.

The VIP Day Course Audit typically takes one full day to complete. You will receive the results of the audit and the recommendations the same day.

Yes, you will receive a detailed report with specific recommendations for improving your course. The recommendations will be presented in a Trello board to assist with the implementation phase. WE will also book a strategy session a few days later to discuss the results.

The cost of the VIP Day Course Audit is $997 for an 8 hour session.

There is not 1 course that takes the same amount of time. We request that you submit at least 2 courses for the audit. We will start on the course that you mark as priority. The second course will only be accessed should we finalize the first course and there is time remaining. 

The VIP Day Course Audit is designed to provide recommendations and guidance for improving your course. The auditor will not make any changes to your course without your permission.

We do offer an additional service were we implement the necessary changes if you are interested.

Yes, the confidentiality of your course content is paramount, and the auditor will maintain the strictest confidentiality during the VIP Day Course Audit. Your content will not be copied, printed or redistributed at any stage.

Yes, you can contact the auditor for further assistance or clarification after the VIP Day Course Audit is completed. The auditor is available to answer any questions you may have and to provide 30 day post audit support and guidance to help you improve your course.