Online Course Audit

Making your course accessible

your online course is ready to shine

Yet it feels like something is missing! The Course Audit is exactly what you need. 

Not only will we look at your course and provide feedback on “THINGS” that could be made easier / better, we will also make suggestions to ensure your course is accessible to people with disabilities.

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what is an audit

To ensure your course is accessible, we look at a few things:

  • Transcripts,
  • Closed captions,
  • Using text-to-speech,
  • Color contracts,
  • Alt text,
  • and so much more

Here’s our course audit process

Step 1

After our consultation, we will schedule your audit in our diary. You provide us with the relevant access and we are all set to go.

Step 2

During the allotted time, we will go through your entire course and make notes of the things that needs attention.

Step 3

On completion we will schedule a follow up call and walk through all the issues we have found.


Choose a plan that fits your needs

Document showing the words "Audit report"


We audit the following things:

  • The course platform
  • Sales page
  • Sign up process
  • 10 lessons
    • video/audio
    • content,
    • files,
    • quiz sections
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To have any additional content audited, we charge a flat fee per lesson/module overview page.

Please contact us for a custom quote if your course is very large.