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Even before MemberVault (MV) started to roll out some of its newest features, Mariam wanted to have her MV account to look and function more like a website than just a normal course platform. 

With some custom code and a little bit of our fairy magic we were able to get the result that Mariam had imagined. 

Below are some of the feedback that Mariam provided and a way for you to connect with her. 

Introducing Mariam Safla

A Radiant Healer & Empowerment Guide

Once feeling trapped and longing for more, Mariam has emerged stronger, embracing her worth and unique gifts. With a deep understanding of her empathic nature, she now helps clients worldwide, offering transformative programs to break free from limitations and create a blissfully rich life. 

Mariam’s journey of self-discovery and healing inspires others to step into their full potential, attracting aligned audiences and leaving a lasting impact. Join her on a path of transformation, where she helps you shine from the inside out and Magically Thrive.

The Collaboration with Website Fae

What did you like the most about the end result of your project?

To have my MV look more like a website. I love how you changed up my logo.

The Client Experience

How do you think this project will impact your clients?

I feel more confident now having people view my website/MV account. I feel I am now clear on who I am working with and the site represents that.

The additional assistance you offered with the copy prompts you provided really helped a lot in the process.

I know that the new site will have a great impact on my business.

Mariam's Words

A Testimonial of Transformation

Mariam graciously shares her experience of collaborating with Website Fae:

Working with Chantelle Venter on my website was the best gift I gave myself in 2022.

I hesitate to work with anybody because I don’t trust that they will give me what I want. Chantelle was everything I could ever ask for.

She did an amazing job in revamping my MV account making it look like a real website. She addressed my every need and desire, and went even beyond my expectations in giving me what I wanted.

I am truly grateful and a very happy client. I will definitely continue working with Chantelle to do my sales pages and email set up next.

Thank You, Chantelle.

View Mariam's Site

To see this transformation, visit Mariam’s site.

Please note the link opens in a new tab.

Want To Transform Your Own Site?

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